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THE Cub Report, Version- Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Well hello there friend it has been a whole week, welcome back to THE Cub Report. This week I’ll keep the water cooler fodder to a minimum and just make up a few things as I go…

First up, Formula 1 season can’t get here soon enough. While AMA Supercross kicks off early in the year (along with the Dakar rally), F1 gets a late start. For us die hard F1 fans the wait leaves us watching old races on DVD and nitpicking every new rule change. At least the manufacturers are going to start rolling out the ’16 spec cars real soon, I seriously hope that it isn’t another runaway season for Mercedes. What I wouldn’t give for a tight title chase between more than one manufacturer…

While we don’t post “racer news” on Big Squid, it should be noted that Jared Tebo is back with Pro-Line Racing. That is big news, Tebo is one of the “big three” names in the sport, one of the three names that most Joe Blow hobbyists might recognize (along with Drake and Cavalieri). Tebo has been super consistent regardless of which class he is racing, winning more than just about anybody else on the circuit. I personally can’t wait to see what kind of crushing he can put on the field now that he is sporting Pro-Line tires.

Hey, if you live in the Midwest we are inviting you to come hang with us for the day at eFest 2016. Ya I know, eFest is an air event, but this year should be epic. Last year’s eFest might have been low on attendance, but the big quad/drone uprising has already sold out exhibitor spots and chatter on the forums is huge this year. So ya, there will be a lot of drone action at this year’s eFest, which might not be very well received by the old school airplane guys, but should make for the biggest show ever. Plus, of course you can hang with us and talk about surface, get some free stickers, and get your pic taken with a hot booth babe. eFest goes down February 6-7 in Champaign Illinois. Entry is just $5 and kids (12 & under) get in for free. It’s a good time, seriously.

Ya, ya, I know, advertising rates are through the roof now days. However, as part of our big push for 2016 you don’t have to pay $2600 for a big banner ad on Big Squid. For ’16 we have new ads for smaller companies that start as low as $200 (not a misprint!!!). So even if you are a small manufacturer, a local hobby shop, or you are simply looking to get that YouTube channel of yours off the ground, you can get a banner kicking for a really affordable price. Of course you want to know more, just hit up Brian at BigSquidRC dot com.

The latest issue of BigSquidRC Monthly just got finished up, start looking for it at your local hobby shop in a couple of weeks. What’s in the new BSRC Monthly? You can only find out by picking up a copy at your local hobby shop! They aren’t available on-line, so get into your LHS to pick up a copy to find out what’s inside. Oh and, just like always, they are 100000% FREE. We are shipping over 7,000 copies a month now days (inflated in dinosaur media terms that would be a quarter million, LOL), hit up This Link to find a hobby shop near you to get your hands on one. If your hobby shop doesn’t have them on the counter yet simply have them shoot us an email for the hook-up (they are free for hobby shops too).

So there ya have it folks, that’s it for this week’s Cub Report. Until next week have fun out bashing and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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