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THE Cub Report, Version- Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Good morning, good evening, good whatever time it is where you are, welcome to another edition of THE Cub Report. This week I have no one theme, I am going old school with a bunch of different topics. So without further ado, lets jump right in…

The 2016 AMA Supercross Series got off to a bang Saturday night in Anaheim don’t you think? Bubba got knocked silly after colliding with Ryan Dungey, Weston Peick finally did what a whole lot of people have wanted to do to Vince Friese (punch his freak’n head off), and El Hombre took home the win. ET3 didn’t look spectacular, but considering all the work he had done on those shoulders, I don’t expect to see him full tilt until after Daytona. Oh and, boy does Chad Reed look good back on blue. Yes, I am more than stoked to watch the rest of the ’16 Supercross series.

So… I’m driving down a major road in St Louis and what do I see? A big ECX 4×4 Torment on a digital billboard! Hell yes, that was pretty awesome to see rc get some major attention where all those mainstreamers can see it. The billboard ad was put up by Checkered Flag Hobby in St Louis, so they are doing their part to help keep our hobby kicking. They also stock our free print BSRC Monthly, so drop in and tell them “Good Job!” if you are in their neighborhood.

Ya, know, the rc media biz isn’t just booth babes, unlimited company credit cards, and busting cars in half just for fun. What it really is is long hours, tedious testing, and lots of hard work, all for little to no recognition or pay. Recently a couple of my favorite rc websites have called it quits. At the end of the year decided to post a farewell to the web scene, after many years of kicking butt posting various rc news. But perhaps my favorite site (other than BSRC of course) has not posted since October, so they may very well be pulling the plug too. Of course they were our competition, but they were also damn good websites that did a lot to promote the rc hobby. Now of course every day a dozen new rc sites go up on the web made by people eager to claw their way to the top. I hope it goes to show that if Buggy-Sport and Area52 couldn’t make it, that it is truly much harder to do than most people think it is.

How about that Powerball Jackpot that has yet to be won? Everyone from family members to rc industry types have been having fun talking about exactly what they would do after getting a Billion Dollar Deposit in their checking account. Personally I would buy every kid in America under the age of 13 a brand new ARRMA Granite BLX (with Pro-Line tires thrown in), but then that’s just the kind of giving guy I am (LOL). I’m sure you guys have a lot of crazier ways to spend all that cash. Any which way, get in line now to get your tickets for the next drawing. And no, when I win I’m not sharing with you, although you owe me 10% if you do.

So there ya have it for this week ya bunch of lunatics, there be ye Cub Report. As always, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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