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THE Cub Report, Version – If I Had The Money…

Hello to one and all, it is yet again another wonderful day in the rc neighborhood. Last weekend I did something I rarely do, which was not get in one minute of trigger time. I was away on family business (read- a funeral), so I did not drive one rc car all weekend. However, all the fun family festivities (read- moping around a funeral home) could NOT keep my mind from wondering back to the hobby I love so much. A family member had brought up the subject of how he would like his funeral conducted if money were no object, so I started thinking about what I would do with the rc hobby if my bank account looked like Bill Gate’s.

If I had the money… I would buy an old, unused Wal-Mart store and make it one seriously kick azz hobby shop. Each manufacturer (like Losi, AE, Kyosho, etc) would have their entire department. See the old “kids” department? Well, that is now the Tamiya area. The old electronics department? Ya, well that is now the Spektrum area. Oh and… part of the huge parking lot would have a bashing area with ramps, while another part would be sectioned off for speed runs. The Cubby RC Wal-Mart would also have one killer indoor track featuring ice cold air conditioning (and a complete ban on vomit inducing traction additives).

If I had the money… I would fix iHobby. While our industry still has some cool shows (the Vegas tabletop show, Drones On The Horizon, & the HobbyTown Convention), iHobby needs some serious fixing (at least for surface rc). I remember the Really old days of kick arse shows like CES back in the 80s (even Summer CES in Chicago) and just how incredible it was to see all the unreleased gear in person, and to be able to talk to all the uber industry types face to face. A great rc show can go a long ways to revive the ailing surface market.

If I had the money… I would buy ROAR, then burn the rule book. Then bury the ashes. Then put a parking lot over the top of the hole.

If I had the money… I would start a race team. I would make sure the talent (the racers on the team) got paid some decent bank, and I would make sure each of the racers also had a full time wrench. The team would have a full scoot 18 wheeler to hold parts/marketing materials/etc, and make sure it made a big splash no matter what even they attended.

If I had the money… I would pay Tamiya to put out some new kits. Constant re-releases and “new” cars sitting on top of 30 year old platforms is cool for some, but I would pay big money to see what Tamiya could work up with modern design and manufacturing techniques.

If I had the money… I would have one of the transmitter manufacturers put out a hyper-elite surface transmitter. I am talking Wi-Fi, I am talking a screen with apps and streaming video, I am talking Sirius/XM compatibility, I am talking heart rate monitoring. Oh ya, don’t forget the 2 mile range and custom fit grip and trigger.

If I had the money… I would buy an island and set it up just for doing car reviews. I would love a dedicated island that would have a half dozen different style tracks, hundreds of wood ramps, and endless trails through the woods. Oh, and all that water surrounding it would come in quite handy for boat testing.

If I had the money… we would do a shootout every single week at BigSquidRC. There are so many different product categories out there, the only true way to determine the best product is to test them all at the exact same time, under the exact same conditions.

If I had the money… I would be writing THE Cub Report from behind a giant Pollaro table. Ummmmm, ya, I am a table snob too.

Better yet…

If I had the money… I would have George R. R. Martin write THE Cub Report every week. It would save me time (which I consider to be more important than money) and it would be soooo much more entertaining for you.

If I had the money… I would run tv ads of rc hobbyists out frolicking around the great outdoors. This would be done to simply raise awareness of the hobby. There would be modified Baja 5Bs with paddle tires flying up sand dunes, Ascenders cresting pristine dirt hills, and Neros jumping over buildings. Perhaps the ads could help pry the muggles glued to their tv sets out to a local hobby shop so they could do a little more with their spare time than to become a couch potato.

If I had the money… I would ship every hobby shop in the country a case of ECX Torments & ARRMA Raiders to be used as test drive vehicles for first time buyers. Both drive great and take a good beating, which would work great for hooking new people on our hobby.

If I had the money… I would buy more free time so I could actually drive more. Like every hardcore hobbyist, I just can’t find the time to get all the trigger time I want.

So there ya have it folks… feel free to leave a comment with what you would do for the hobby with unlimited funds and see you again next week. Oh and, don’t forget to support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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