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THE Cub Report, Version- It’s Officially Unofficial

What’s up nerds, dorks, dweebs, and those of you that consider yourself “other” in the rc world, welcome to another wild week in the world of rc. Yup, it’s Monday, time for another Cub Report, kick your chair back and slip your reading glasses on…

Ummmm… I didn’t get the memo, but I guess rock racing is a “thing” right now? I say this because two of my local tracks have added “rock racing” tracks, so it has to be a “thing”, right? Strangely, both tracks are completely different from each other, and neither look anything like the full scale courses that people rock race on. No, I am soooo not a “rock racer” type of person, but even I have to pay attention as it seems to be becoming more mainstream in the rc world. In fact, our own editor type Brian will be covering an event at yet another new rock racer track that was built at the world famous Leisure Hours Raceways in Joliet Illinois this coming weekend. I can’t wait to see/read the coverage- to see exactly what vehicles the participants used, and more importantly, to see if Brian has a good time. Heck, if he walks away with a smile I’ll have to get a rig together and try it out myself.

Hey, is our video for Paul Bludgen’s 262 foot record long jump up yet? If not, it should be shortly. Editor Brian had his work cut out for him editing down a days worth of vid from 7 different cameras, but I have seen the final product so it should be going up soon. Actually, it would have gone up earlier if not for some music copy write issues, but we hope you enjoy the huge jumps and gnarly carnage. We already have another jump contest planned where Paul is staring straight at busting out 300 plus, which I know he is capable of doing, hopefully things go well and he gets to put a crush’n on his current record.

I saw the press release today about AE putting out 3 different sets of LED light bars. Now that has to make you wonder, why would AE put out light bars when they really don’t make any scalers/crawlers? Hummm….

Btw, I have officially put the Serpent Project 4-X Touring Car on my “Want, Want, Want!!!” list. If you haven’t seen it, check out our post from last week, but to boil it down, it is one of the most esoteric touring cars I’ve ever seen, hence the reason I will have to break out the wallet on this one. Ya, ya, I know how I’ve declared on-road officially dead, but that car is so trick I can not live without it.

And well lookie there, HPI is showing some signs of life. All you HPI faithful can now sleep peacefully knowing that your favorite brand should be around for a long time to come. Today we had a post on HPI’s old school rally car products, which were so good when they came out years ago that they are still great looking today. However, the only big question I have about HPI right now is when/if the Venture FJ will hit the market? That seems to be the biggest vehicle that the public has been drooling over the past few months, and seems to be the vehicle that can put HPI right back into the thick of things (as well as doing some serious padding of their bank account). We’ll have to do a little sniffing around and see what we can find out on the Venture, I would hate for one of the most highly anticipated HPI vehicles of all time to never actually make it to consumer hands.

Ok, so there ya have it, that’s all I got for ya this week. Have a fantastic week and support your local bash spots and hobby shops when ya can.

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