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THE Cub Report, Version- Just Don’t Do It

No matter if you are at a local bash spot, trail, track, or rock pile, there are just some things you shouldn’t do. Here is a list I have compiled of things that I have seen Joe Blow bashers (and even guys on our Bash Crew) actually do, that probably aren’t a good idea…

While at the local track testing… just because it is faster to get back to our pit area by driving backyards down the main straight, definitely doesn’t make it a good idea. Some of our test guys do it on a regular basis and I am not sure why. Maybe they enjoy making hardcore racers irate, or maybe they just love to wrench and pay for other people’s parts, I do not know…

Likewise, it is Never a good idea to plop your car down in the main straight before you get started, or to stop it there at the end of a run. Common sense people, do something different for a change and use it…

Hey, know that really cool drivers stand at your local track? Ya, it’s not a good idea to rest your elbows on the railing, or hang way over the front, while driving. This obscures the view of the track from the guys next to you and generally makes you look like a noob.

At a track, there are generally a lot of hand tools left laying around. It is NOT a good idea to pick up a shovel and “re-shape” the face of the jumps to your liking. Chances are there is “a guy” that does that before every race, a guy who is wayyy better at it than you.

So… you go to a local park to get your trigger on. You have a soda, maybe eat a candy bar, and have a couple smokes. It isn’t a “great” idea to just leave your trash all over the ground. Be the tiniest amount of responsible and pick up your cans/wrappers/butts.

Furthermore… I know you love how bad-azz that new custom pipe on your 5B sounds. However, the average soccer mom at the park does not. If your local park is empty, and not close to houses, sure, fire up that bad boy 5B and let’er eat. Otherwise, remember you are only sharing the park with others in your neighborhood. The little baby in the stroller is trying to get a nap, not listen to your gas 5th scale scream.

And before we leave the local park, see those people walking over there? STAY AWAY FROM THEM. You might think your uber new truck is impressive, chances are they don’t want their ankle/shin area bruised up. Keep a solid 50 foot cushion between your car and other people. And yes I know, a few people will inevitably walk over to take a look at your gear, so as they get closer, be extra careful not to hit them.

When bashing with friends, it isn’t a good idea to always borrow their tools or spare parts. Sure, hobbyists love to share, but quit being such a slacker and break down and buy Everything that you actually need to run with.

See that empty lot over there? Heck yes, it looks like PRIME bashing area. But… it isn’t a good idea to drive on someones else’s property without permission. I mean, you wouldn’t want someone testing out their new X-Maxx in your front yard would ya? (Ok, some of you probably would be cool with that) No, it isn’t that hard to find out who owns a property, just use a little thing called the Internet. Be cool, call the owner.

At a bash you see it all the time, people will grab a ramp and keep angling it upwards in an attempt to get bigger air. It is NOT a good idea to do that unless you ask the guy who actually put the time and money into building it first. Why would that be? If you don’t know the answer, then you don’t bash enough. So… if you place a ramp vertically enough, it basically acts as a brick wall. Ever see an 8th scale buggy use a brick wall as a ramp? Nope, but I have seen plenty of them put big holes right in the middle of ramps that were not used as intended. Trust me, you break a guy’s hand built ramp and he isn’t gonna be happy about it.

You just ran 200 foot of extension cord so that you can power up your pit area. It isn’t a good idea to not share. At indoor tracks AC power is everywhere, while at a local bash or park, it is very sparse. Be a good guy and let others plug into the AC.

Hey, I know how good Palmolive smells, and I know how well it cleans dishes. However… just because you keep blowing shock caps off your truck doesn’t make it a good idea to use it as shock oil. Seriously (Adam!), break down and spend the 4 bucks for some legit shock oil.

And as usual, I could rant on these types of subjects all day long. So to save your day (and mine) I am bringing this edition of THE Cub Report to a close. Have a great week in rc and don’t forget to drop by your local hobby shops and bash spots when you have the opportunity.

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