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THE Cub Report, Version- Kiss The Ring

Hello there rc fans, welcome to another Cub Report. What is THE Cub Report? Mostly rambling, mostly (but not all) about rc, mostly smack talk, but always a good way to blow 15 minutes.

While I would love to go on yet another epic rant, there were some interesting product releases last week that I would like to talk about.

IMO the biggest release of last week was a solid tie between the Pro-Line Ford Raptor Body for the Traxxas X-MAXX and their new Pro-Forge aluminum wheels.

The X-MAXX community has been waiting for an aftermarket body and the Pro-Line crew has hooked them up. If you are a noobie- a body, along with wheels & tires, are the first things you replace on pretty much any car/truck, so needless to say a lot of bashers are stoked to be able to put a new lid on the biggest MAXX. The fully licensed body looks typical Pro-Line, very trick, and is pre-cut making it even easier to install. And… the big X-MAXX body should also fit a number of other large scaled trucks, thus giving even more people a nice body option. Oh and… at the very end of the video for the Raptor, Pro-Line teased their upcoming X-MAXX Wheels & Tires. I have a personal X-MAXX that I’ve been driving like a maniac lately, I gotta get my name on the list for all the new Pro-Line goodies. Just like all you guys, I hate being seen with a bone stock truck.

So… about those Pro-Forge scaler/crawling wheels, now those look freak’n On Point! I’ve been lucky and have been able to spend some time with the Pro-Line guys. Perhaps the biggest thing I learned being around them is that when they do something, they do it first class, and I think that is evident in the Pro-Forge wheels. They designed them to be ultra-elite and it shows. Pro-Line has long put out top-of-the-line plastic wheels, their aluminum units really do look next level.

Lastly… the folks over at Hobbico put out a video celebrating the ARRMA Nero winning BigSquidRC’s 2016 Bash Vehicle Of The Year, which was incredibly cool of them to do. Yes, of course I am biased, but a lot of industry types have told me that our vehicle of the year title is considered to be very important to them. I’ve been told of meetings being held with just that purpose, sitting around a table brainstorming what type of new vehicle it would take to win vehicle of the year. 2017 is stacking up with some really killer trucks already, like the Tekno Monster/Stunt Truck and the 8S X-MAXX, but there is a lot of year left and I know of a couple of big upcoming releases that are sure to knock the socks off all you backyard bashers.

Seriously lastly… Oh yes, the industry may be having a hard time right now, but the number of great bash trucks available to consumers can only help get things back on track. Perhaps this year we will do “Bash Vehicle Of The Year”, plus “Bash Product Of The Year”. No, we don’t want to do a zillion different categories and muddle everything up, but to have an award for a single outstanding product is surely an option to explore. Whether it be a speedo, or tires, or charger, or battery, there are a lot of great products put out every year, it would be serious rad to give the best-of-the-best an award to let the world know that particular product is truly top notch. We’ll see, eh?

So there ya have it, thanks for reading yet another Cub Report. Until next week, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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