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THE Cub Report, Version- Movin On Up

Happy Monday to one and all, it’s about time to kick off your week with yet another Cub Report.

If you are not blind, then you’ve probably already noticed the large A Main Hobbies banner all along the left hand side of our website. We are pretty stoked to have A Main Hobbies on board and look forward to working with them in the months to come. For those of you living in a cave, A Main is a huge hobby shop that does a bunch of on-line sales. They are perhaps best known for a massive selection, plus their in-house line of ProTek products. Of course we still massively advocate using your friendly neighborhood local hobby shop, but if you don’t have one, or if your local hobby shop is all about trains or Dungeons & Dragons and doesn’t do surface rc, then please give that big banner a click and check out what A Main has to offer.

Next up…

Also in BigSquidRC news, if you live in the Midwest don’t forget we are putting on the 2016 Dirt Jumping Championships this weekend in Fenton Missouri. Being the biggest, baddest, bashing website on this planet (or any other) we like to go huge as often as we can, hence the reason we are teaming up with the STL RC Freaks Club to put on the event. We’ll be jumping all day off a mammoth dirt ramp and awarding plaques to the top 3 finishers in 3 different classes. On top of that, the RC Freaks Club will be holding a demo derby, a rock crawling event, plus there will be open bashing all day. Get full details Right Here.

And finally…

Every two years I go on a rant about IFMAR after their 8th scale nitro buggy championships. This year is absolutely no different. For days the racers out in Vegas drove qualifier after qualifier to determine the TQ, which turned out to be Kyosho’s Jared Tebo. Then, like so many years past, the TQ did not end up starting at the front of the grid in the main. You see, after running practice, then quals, they then run some odd/even qualifying races to determine the actual order in the main. Ya know, this sport is hard enough to follow the way it is, but then when you have the TQ not start first in the A, it makes you wonder why they even award a TQ, or why they spend day after day of qualifying to determine any “TQ” at all. At the IFMAR worlds, all TQ means is you get first spot on the grid for yet another qualifying race.

In the end, David Ronnefalk took the overall win for himself, Hot Bodies Racing, and AKA tires. I am sure Ronnefalk and the companies he represents are pretty stoked, but everyone else has to be wondering was it really worth all that money? Couldn’t a new world champ have been crowned in 3 days at a much reduced cost to all the manufacturers (instead of 10 days)? Good grief Charlie Brown, at what point will the manufacturers raise their hand and go “This is insanity and just costs too freak’n much!”? Yes, I am like a broken record on this one, but where as some people in the industry don’t feel like they can talk freely about the subject (they just complain to me instead), I feel like somebody has to put it out in the public domain. Not that IFMAR will do anything about it, heck, they might double down and make the next event 22 days in lengths just to make sure they can get a few more rounds of qualifying… oooofffaaahhhhhh.

So there ya have it, another edition of THE Cub Report is stamped in wax. Until next week support your local hobby shops, bash spots, and hopefully I will see many of you this weekend at our jump contest.

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