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THE Cub Report, Version- New Power Generation

So here we are rc fans- yet another Monday and yet another Cub Report. What’s kick’n in the rc world?

Ok, so I was out in SoCal last week doing my thing (read- massively overspending my travel budget) and was quite surprised to see the office that has been home to HPI Racing is now up for lease. No, there have been no “official” press releases on the state of HPI & Traxxas, nor would I expect one anytime soon, but seeing that their building is up for lease can certainly fill in some blanks (read- it actually raises more questions). It could mean HPI is moving to another location, it could mean they are being shut down permanently, or it could mean that some joker (like me) simply stuck a “for lease” sign in front of the building and snapped a pic. We don’t have any scoopage on this one, but if I were to throw out a guess, I would have to go with #2 right now, which is what I would consider a worst-case scenario for both HPI and our industry. Any which way, all we can do for now is sit and wait until we find out the fate of HPI…

Speaking of West Coast… next week is the 23rd Annual NRHSA Table Top Expo out in Vegas. Nope, the table top show isn’t open to consumers, but it sure is a good time. I’ve gone a half dozen times and actually made it into the show hall twice, which is the way a lot of retailers attend the show. The NRHSA show is a great excuse to get out of the shop for a few days and soak up some good old Vegas atmosphere. For you consumers, it should generate some hot new products to drool over, so keep an eye on our front page for the latest in rc goodness next week.

The war of the extreme rc videos seems to be ramping up, which is a lot of fun to watch of course. Traxxas has been putting out some cool vids and the folks at ARRMA have also been pushing some extreme videos. We’ve also posted a vid of a quintuple MERV backflip and the new Losi TEN-MT getting in some skate park action. Of course we were feeling left out (read- we have zero time to make vids, but now we are pushing the length of the day to 30 hours so that we can) so even the BSRC Bash Crew is gonna get in on this one. Nope, we don’t have anything edited yet, but in the next month or so we should be posting some really cool stuff, and a couple of things I’ve never seen an rc truck do before.

Brian the Editor type has been vigorously working on our latest monthly print edition. What’s on the cover? What’s inside? You won’t find any spoilers here, you’ll have to hit up your LHS to lay your hands on one to find out. Oh and, no need to take any money with you, like always they are 100% FREE! Find out where to get yours Right Here.

So there ya have it rc nation, yet another Cub Report is in the books. Until next week- go fast, jump huge, and support those local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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