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THE Cub Report, Version- No Sleep Till Brooklyn

So hello there neighbor, nice to see you again, welcome to THE Cub Report. If it is your first time here you should probably know that I am typically full of it, I love to stir the pot, and that I never use sarcasm tags. With that said, here we go…

Oh yes, the SX season is getting even better. Webb put it on the ground and lost again Saturday night, something that all the people saying he was gonna have a perfect season aren’t liking very much. But… Cooper managed to keep it interesting by running one of Mitch’s guys off the track in practice. In the big boy class Ryan Dungey actually lost too. Dungey got a less than ideal start while K-Roc was just crushing it up front. Ryan keeps the red plate (of course) but here is to hoping that K-Roc/Tomac/DM18/Reed/etc can keep the points interesting until Vegas.

On to the real important stuff…

We are lining up a couple of shootouts for 2016. What this means to you is you’ll have some good reading ahead (if you are a consumer) and if you are a manufacturer we’ll be contacting you in the near future to see if you want in. It always amazes me that most companies do, they aren’t scared of a little competition themselves, and quite frankly, are probably curious what a third party honestly thinks of their product. Btw, it isn’t too late to tell us what shootout you would like to see, hit the “contact us” link and let your voice be heard.

Ya know… I was not a big fan of quads/drones/UAV/whatever they are calling them now days. To me they are just too easy to fly, there just isn’t enough challenge for my taste. But… everyone else on the planet is all about quads now days, and the marketing in the 250 quad racing class is starting to grab my attention. The people over at the Drone Racing League (DRL) seem to have their act together, putting out some pretty sweet videos that even get this surface guy’s blood pumping. So surely if I am starting to feel the quad racing attraction, others must be too. Which made me wonder, how many new hobbyists are picking up a race quad instead of a B5/22/etc? How many guys who were racing 1/8th nitro buggy last summer are going to be racing FPV quads this year instead? I don’t have any numbers, but it will be interesting to see if quad racing starts pulling even more people away from their local surface tracks. Most local tracks are having a hard enough time the way it is, let alone with the drone segment pulling even more people away.

I hear that we are getting ready to put on a Spring Bash in the Chi-Town metro. We are working on finalizing a date, so of course we’ll keep ya posted. Like usual, the bash will have some fun events, plenty of cool prizes, and be filled with some extreme rc action. So if you are in the Chicago metro, or don’t mind driving for a good time, we should be announcing the date and location in the next few weeks.

So there ya have it for this week, a very rare short and sweet edition of THE Cub Report. As I always say, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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