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THE Cub Report, Version- Paying The Iron Price

Happy Monday to everyone out there in rc land, I trust you all had a great weekend. As per the norm, your friendly, lovable Cub Reporter had an interesting weekend. I got the weekend started off by busting out a ton of laps with the latest edition of the ARRMA Typhon buggy, then got in even more laps with one of the new Sentons. Later in the weekend I got in some laps on a full scale track with a Yamaha YXZ1000R (which I highly recommend if you get the chance), and ended the weekend at a local rc track hang’n with some good folks getting their race-on. Oh and, throw in some AMA mx nationals (KRoc vs ET3) and FIM MXGP (Gasjer vs Cairoli) on the boob-tube, ya, I was a pretty happy camper.

First up, is rock racing really a “thing” or not? I hear some turnouts are solid, while others, not so much. If rock racing is your thing, show your support by hitting up Leisure Hours this Saturday in Joliet IL. They are having a big rock racing event on a very cool new track that they’ve built specifically for that type of racing. The BSRC Bash Crew will be out in force and we’d like to see you there. Heck, even if you are “just a basher”, come on out and get in some laps on the rock racing course with old friends and new. You can show up with a dedicated rock racing rig, or just whatever you have, or at the very least, drop by to get some free BSRC stickers and see what’s up.

Our review of the ARRMA Nero went live last Friday. If you didn’t get the memo, the Nero is a big deal for the bashing community. It isn’t that often when an all new 8th scale MT hits the market, and the Nero isn’t just another run-of-the-mill MT, it has some new tech with its remote locking diffs that make it a lot different than anything else on the market. Tiny servos connected to a “diff brain” circuit board allow you to remotely lock the diffs, something that I thought I would hate, but ended up enjoying. It kinda reminded me of my old man when we would be out in the woods getting our 4×4 on. We would get to a muddy/hilly/slick section and my job was to hop out and manually lock the front hubs. A slick hill that we couldn’t get over sudden became an afterthought. While out wheeling the Nero, it was pretty dern slick to just rotate a knob on the transmitter right before diving into a deep mud hole, or before climbing a sandy hill, or before tackling 6″ tall grass. I know a lot of our readers will end up buying the Nero, I am extremely interested in hearing if you guys enjoy the remote locking diffs as much as we did.

Did ya see that RC4WD announced a pair of new MOA crawlers last week? I thought that product segment had been written off, glad to see a new gnar-core crawler from a big name. Oh and, did ya see that RC4WD now has Richard Trujillo on board? I’ve never been a huge fan of the crawling/scale scene, but it is obvious that RC4WD has got it going on right now. They are definitely a different kind of company, nice to see them doing well and can’t wait to see what they have cook’n with Trujillo on their team. Will they start aiming more at the “mainstream” audience? Will they start doing more than just scale off-roaders and crawlers? I have ZERO clue, but can’t wait to find out….

So there ya have it folks, that’s it for THE Cub Report this week. Have a funtastic week and support your local hobby shops and bash spots (and rock racing courses!) when ya can.

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