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The Cub Report, Version- Shootout Time!

Yes folks, we’ve kept this one pretty quiet, but This Friday we will be posting our Brushed 2wd Short Course Truck Shootout. This one has been a long time coming that’s for sure. Short course trucks have been hot for nearly a decade now, so we decided it was well past time to take arguably the top 4 2wd short course trucks and put them head to head to find out which one is truly king of the hill. And while some of you will shake your heads that we tested the cheaper brushed versions instead of brushless, I can assure you that a whole lot more of the brushed units are sold each year, hence the reason they were chosen.

So who are the contenders? Well… we couldn’t do that shootout without the truck that started it all, the Traxxas Slash. The second 2wd SCT to hit the market, the HPI Blitz, was also included, as was two other top sellers (and fan favorites), the ECX Torment and the ARRMA Fury. All four trucks have huge followings, all four trucks are sales hits, and all four are known to be great bashers. Yes indeed, it is an epic shootout for the ages.

Oh and… we only have ONE winner, and we rank them first to last. Should that really be a big deal? No it shouldn’t, that only makes sense if you are doing a shootout. However, certain other media outlets don’t have the balls to do it that way. In fact… several years ago around the time we were going to post another shootout, I had complained about dinosaur media shootouts never picking an actual winner, they sort of declared them all the best so as to not offend any advertisers. Shortly after that Cub Report went up we received an email from one of the magazine editors saying that their shootouts were not like that, which was quite funny as their next shootout once again didn’t really declare an actual winner. No winner doesn’t do anyone any good. It doesn’t help consumers decide which product they should buy and it doesn’t give the proper accolades to the manufacturer that actually did the best job. A shootout without a winner simply isn’t a shootout, it’s a bulk advertisement, and some of the other media outlets out there should be ashamed of how they handle theirs. And strangely, some people in the dinosaur media must think their readers are stupid and can’t tell they didn’t declare a winner. Call me crazy but I know the average rc consumer and they are a whole lot smarter than some people think they are, they can easily see through a bogus shootout with no real winner. #endrant

So… get ready to hit that refresh button this Friday for our Brushed 2wd SCT Shootout. Like usual we compared their top speeds, their durability, how they drove on both dirt and pavement, along with several other categories. We also worked extra hard on this shootout to make sure the testing done as equally and unbiased as possible. Nope, there is no way we could totally eliminate bias from our testers, but we did what we could to keep it to a minimum. And yes, all our testers liked some brands more than others, that is simply the truth, but we tried our best to exclude negative bias while testing during the shootout. We simply wanted to give our readers the most unbiased shootout possible so they could make their future buying decisions with the best information possible. At the end of the day what matters most is our readers and I hope that shows through when reading the shootout.

That’s it for now ya maniacs, have a great week and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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