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Yes, I know today only exists once every four years, yet here we are with another Cub Report. Sometimes THE Cub Report is about news, sometimes it is about racing, heck, sometimes it is even about rc.

Ok, so most of you bashing types have never heard of Jilles Groskamp, but he is a big league on-road racer who recently announced his departure from HPI/HB. There have been a whole lot of on-road racers leaving HPI as of late and we know that HPI Europe is currently in a state of flux, I for one hope they come back bigger and stronger in the near future.

Ever hear of ARMA Energy drinks? Well, I know them from their affiliation with Jason “J-Law” Lawrence on the motocross side of things, but now it seems that Hobbico isn’t too stoked about the JQ ARMA edition nitro buggy. JQ picked up ARMA Energy as a sponsor a few months ago, IMO it is great to see an “outside” sponsor getting involved in our little world of rc. Unfortunately, ARMA Energy is spelled really close to Hobbico’s epic line of ARRMA line bash-moblies, hence the reason there would be a conflict.

After looking at the PRs today, nice to see Team Associated release a winter style jacket just in time for spring. Timing is everything, and well, like usual, AE is a bit late on this one. I don’t believe I have to say this, but the best time to put out a new coat is at the beginning of winter, not the end. (and the opposite can be said about rc boats)

It seems a whole lot of people are going coo coo for cocoa puffs over the re-release of the Kyosho Optima. Hey, I had one back in the day and it was pretty trick, but now days… not so much. So no, I can’t wrap my head around going all vintage 24/7, but a solid percentage of people can, that’s why we constantly see all these re-releases.

Yo, we have a big bash coming up in the Chi-Town metro area this spring. We are super close to releasing final details, but expect it to be coming up soon (read- in April).

I also hear that the uber new Futaba 4PX-R will start shipping here in the states in April. It seems like it hasn’t even been “officially” announced, yet there has been enough leaked details about it that everyone knows it’s coming. It is said to come stock with a LiFe battery, carbon fiber carry handle, metal trigger, and screen protector, plus it will be sporting a nice shiny chrome finish. Oh ya, the extra goodies are going to add a little over a hundred dollars to the old models street price.

So there ya have it for this week ya bunch of hardcore rc enthusiasts. Have a great week and get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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