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THE Cub Report, Version- The Only Constant Is Change

Hello one and all, I hope you had a most splendid Thanksgiving. Sadly, just like most of you, I am back to the grind, but it has to be done to keep a nice roof over my head and plenty of Dom in the cellar.

Just like the song says, breaking up is hard to do. Whether it be the girl you’ve lived with for a half decade or an rc club that you’ve been attending since you first got into the hobby, breaking up is tough and can get quite ugly. Being a long time rc’er, I’ve been a part of many clubs over the years, so many that I’ve pretty much seen it all. I’ve seen clubs go bankrupt, I’ve seen them get run off of the property they were using illegally, I’ve seen interest just die off and everyone disbands, hell I’ve even seen a club die with over 20 grand in the bank.

Recently a big club that I am friends with ran into their first big internal struggle. This particular club is based on the right coast and came to popularity via Facebook groups. They shot from nobodies to large turnouts seemingly over night and everything was fine and dandy. For a couple of years it seemed they could do no wrong as their FB group skyrocketed and attendance at their real life events soared. Then… as it always happens when groups get too large, the group got split in half, with one group liking how things were, while the other thought things could be done better a different way. Personally I hate to see a big group of friends get split down the middle, but I’ve seen it before, actually too often, but such a thing is the nature of the beast.

If you are a part of an rc club, just think about these few bullet points…

1. Rc clubs aren’t about making money.
2. Rc clubs aren’t about becoming the most powerful person in the group.
3. Rc clubs aren’t about screwing over people for personal gain.
4. Rc clubs aren’t about the guy with the most expensive toys.
5. Rc clubs aren’t about personal recognition.
6. Rc clubs aren’t an elite group open only to a select few who are deemed worthy.
7. Rc clubs aren’t about being above certain cars/classes/scales.

Rc clubs ARE about making new friends while spreading the love of the hobby. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are a part of a club and feel like you are owed something, you went in with the wrong expectation. If you think you could build a better club, feel free, but be prepared for lots of hard work with zero recognition. And when you start that new club, be prepared for the guy (or 20) that feel your way is all wrong and for them to bail and start yet another club.

The key to a successful club is to work hard, to be cool with everyone (even the guys with different opinions than yours), and to do everything you can to make the hobby enjoyable. Yes indeed, that is extremely hard to pull off, especially in the internet age when anybody can open up a new “club” with the click of a button, but it has been one many times. The cream always rises to the top, in the case of an rc club it is always the people who care more about others (and the hobby) than about their own personal interests.

#LectureOver #CarryOn

That’s it ya punks, have a great week and support your local hobby shops, bash spots, and clubs when ya can.

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