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THE Cub Report, Version- Time To Bash

Hola rc world, time to get another week in the wonderful world of rc started. This week I have a couple things on the agenda…

Hey, did ya know that we are holding our first big bash of the year this Sunday? If you did, great, you actually do read the site, if not, now ya do. The event is called “BigSquid’s Spring Bash & Smash 2016” and now you can consider yourself officially invited. Just why would someone want to hit a bash? Here are a few good reasons…

* You’ll get to pull trigger with people just like you. Sure, you probably already bash with a number of friends, but there will be a LOT of people that you’ve probably never met before at the bash. It is fun to walk the pits and see what products they are using, plus you can find out where other people meet up on the weekends. To boil it down, you just might make some new friends.

* Hey, we know you constantly upgrade and wrench on your truck to make it the best truck it can be. An organized bash is a great place to put your truck to the ultimate test. All of the events at the Bash & Smash are designed to test you and your truck’s limits, consider it a good place to see just how your truck stacks up to everyone else’s.

* Oh and ya, you can test your driving skillz too. Sure, everybody thinks they are a better driver than Kinwald, our bash is a great place to show the world you know how to drive (or to find out that you might need more practice).

* Lets say you’ve just started up a blog or YouTube channel and are looking for some cool new content. A genuine organized bash is a great place to get some. All the people at the bash will be going hard, so expect there to be tons of “Holy Cow!!!” moments that would look great in your next video. The bash will also give you access to us, guys that have worked hard on our blog and have made it to the top of the heap, so you might get lucky to pick our brains on how to take your site/channel to the next level.

* If you are on the industry side of things, whether it be working at an LHS or for a manufacturer, our bash is also a great place to see exactly what products are being run out in the field. You can see for your own eyes how many Traxxas trucks there are versus ARRMA or Vaterra, and see exactly what kind of abuse those trucks are expected to survive by their owners.

* Hot chics, need I say more? Our bash isn’t a race where there are no women. Girls actually come along at the bashes, plus we’ll have some of our very beautiful spokes-models in attendance so you can grab an autograph or get your picture taken with them.

* Free stuff. That right there is enough to get most people to show up and indeed we are giving away some cool swag. Oh ya, we’ll also be Giving Away A Brand New Traxxas X-Maxx, which would probably look pretty sweet parked next to all your other rc trucks.

* And for the number one reason to hit the bash… to simply have F U N. It will give you a great excuse to blow off your “honey do” list and to get in some trigger time. With all the stresses of life, you seriously deserve a day to blow off some steam bashing your fleet.

To get all the details on our 2016 Bash & Smash simply Click Here.

And the second topic for this week…

Over the weekend I got a chance to drop by and check out Horizon’s Drone Event down in Orlando. Our crew was out in force for the event (T-$$$, Hawaiian Chris & Micro Man Wes Dennis) so expect full coverage of the Drones on the Horizon event some time tomorrow. To boil it down, I am bringing this event up because it was different. It wasn’t a trade show, it wasn’t a race, it was simply a great exhibition to show people how fun all the different aspects of rc can be. A consumer could test fly a drone or drive an off-road buggy or rally car, plus they had demos going on all day to show what some of the higher-end products could do. They even had Hawaiian Chris’ favorite driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, hanging out. Juan showed that he is no joke when driving/flying an rc and was super friendly to everyone in attendance.

From what I saw, Drones on the Horizon was a great way of promoting rc, showing the mass market crowd just how fun the hobby can be in a relaxed, safe, and clean environment. With so many other ways for consumers to spend their cash, our hobby can definitely use all the exposure it can get right now. And with some companies pulling back marketing budgets as their sales slow down, it was nice to see that Horizon “gets it”- if you want the hobby to grow, showing off products in person is a fantastic way to do so.

Lastly, the turnout for the Drones on the Horizon event was solid. The hobbyists down in Florida weren’t shy and turned out in droves. All the consumers I talked to at the event were having a great time and were pretty stoked that an rc event like Drones on the Horizon was being held in their neck of the woods. Our BSRC Bash was impressed with what we saw and can’t wait to go back if they hold it again next year.

Ok, so that’s enough for this week. Hopefully I get a chance to see many of you this weekend at our BSRC Bash, or if you can’t make it we’ll have loads of coverage being posted early next week. Go fast, turn left, and support your local hobby shops, bashes, and bash spots when ya can…

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