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THE Cub Report, Version- When Hell Freezes Over

No doubt, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve got a new advertiser here on Big Squid, a little company from Texas known as Traxxas. “Some people” have said that Hell would freeze over before they would advertise with us, in that case, Hades must be looking for his Isthmus Parka about now. Needless to say, it was about time that the biggest name in bash car manufacturing got together with the biggest rc bashing website.

It didn’t take long for the Traxxas news to spread. Thanks to our homie Jeff Hoy, he was able to get the Traxxas banner up and kick’n in record time, even though he has been busy with his normal bear hunting, wilderness exploring lifestyle. Once up, it took less than an hour for me to get the first text message.

Industry Guy: “Hey Cubby, did you know there is a Traxxas banner on Big Squid?”
Me: “Yup.”
Industry Guy: “Why is it there?”
Me: “Well, because they are our newest advertiser, pretty cool eh?”
Industry Guy: “Seriously? You guys have totally sold out now.”
Me: “Sold out? You make your ENTIRE living selling their cars! We are just trying to help guys like You out.”

20 minutes later, another text message exchange…

Industry Guy 2: “Ummmmm…. did you know there is a Traxxas banner up on the website?”
Me: “What? Traxxas? How did that get on there? Freak’n Brian, such a prankster. Remind me to flip out on him. But seriously, ya, that’s pretty awesome, right?!”
Industry Guy 2: “So you guys were the only major media outlet that did honest reviews of their products, sucks that isn’t gonna happen anymore. (facepalm emoji)”
Me: “Hey, they paid to advertise, not to own our souls. What are you talking about?”
Industry Guy 2: “You’ve just had your jump the shark moment, that’s all I’m saying.”
Me: “Jump the shark? I’ve been to your house. I’ve seen the fully built aluminum T-Maxx on the shelf in your man-cave. How many Revos do you have now days? Btw, I am old as the hills and can’t remember, was that 3 or 4 Slashes in your garage? Oh and, did you get the Kershaw motor mount for your X-Maxx yet? :)”

To boil it down, we are super stoked to have Traxxas on-board, yes even me. Heck, especially me. I am stoked because it shows that Traxxas isn’t just about being plastered all over Courtney Force’s funny car or racing a bunch of full sized TORC trucks. They are serious about spreading the word of rc to everybody out there. They have cut some seriously big checks to help cross market our hobby to the masses, for them to advertise on BigSquidRC should show you first hand that they are serious about wanting the everyday rc’ers business. The Traxxas crew, just like you (and me!), like to just grab a truck and head out to the local dirt mound to blow off some steam. And while Traxxas has put out some serious projects like the XO-1 and X-Maxx, the bulk of their line-up has a very affordable price point with replacement parts that can easily be found off the shelf at your local hobby shop.

So ya, while some “basher snobs” might think the world has come to an end with Traxxas advertising on BSRC. The rest of us, the bulk of us bashers, can’t wait to see what we can accomplish by partnering up. At the end of the day BSRC exists for one reason, to help the hobby grow, something that Traxxas arguably knows more about than anyone else in this business. Their marketing department has done wonders for our hobby and we are beyond stoked to work with them. Hopefully we can help make this hobby a little bigger than it was before, to get a few more people out bashing, to help keep more local hobby shops open.

So there ya have it, another Cub Report is in the books. As always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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