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THE Cub Report, Version: X-Maxx Mania

Hello to one and all, welcome to another wonderful week in the rc hobby. Hopefully you were able to get in some trigger time over the weekend, I know I sure did.

So… what happened in rc news last week? Not much really, pretty ho-hum… Awwww, who am I kidding, the epic news was the Texas Titan Traxxas announcing the X-Max monster truck. In fact, the X-Maxx might be the biggest basher news since the Slash was introduced. How does the X-Maxx fit into the grand scheme of things? Will it be a huge seller? Will it ignite a flurry of aftermarket activity?

First lets look at a couple of simple specs, physical size and price point.

Traxxas X-Maxx

Wheelbase- 18.9″
Width- 22.3″
Price Point- $799

Axial Yeti XL

Wheelbase- 18.5″
Width- 16.3″
Price Point- $699

HPI Baja 5B

Wheelbase- 22.4″
Width- 18.9″
Price Point- $1099

ARRMA Kraton

Wheelbase- 14.9″
Width- 18.5″
Price Point- $499

Traxxas E-Revo TSM

Wheelbase- 14″
Width- 16.5″
Price Point- $769

Losi XXL 2 Brushless

Wheelbase- 15.3″
Width- 18.5″
Price Point- $659

After looking at the numbers you see that the X-Maxx is indeed a very large truck, more so than the old Revo or even a really large monster truck like the XXL 2, but is still somewhat smaller than the 5th scale HPI Baja. You’ll also see that the X-Maxx comes with a hefty price tag, most likely over a grand to get out the door after sales tax and batteries.

I see the X-Maxx as a REALLY big E-Maxx, which has its ups and downs. On the upside, the larger size will sure come in handy when driving in grass and for navigating large dirt clods & other really rough types of terrain. The downside is I don’t know that I would want to be in a parking lot surrounded by a half dozen of them whizzing around by pilots with more yank on the throttle than driving experience.

On the price side of things, $799 will not be in everyone’s budget, but then, back in the day the original T-Maxx was $500 bucks, surely in the same scale of cost as the X-Maxx all these years later.

Consumers (and industry folks) have been waiting a mighty long time for the next Traxxas release, now they have it and most seem pretty stoked. You can indeed put me on the stoked bandwagon, as I feel it will breathe a whole lot of new life into the bashing market. The X-Maxx seems to be to be a perfect fit for the experienced hobbyist- the guy that has already owned an E-Maxx, he has already owned a Revo, and who has been looking for a new platform to continue his bashing evolution with. The larger size and raw power of the X-Maxx will allow the truck to easily get through sections that would even stop a Revo in its tracks. Plus, with the new platform comes a whole new set of things to hop-up and tweak around on, which is always great fun.

Btw, one quick note on the X-Maxx’s “Self Righting” feature. I’ve had many long discussions with industry types about how such a feature could revolutionize bashing, so I am stoked to see someone take a stab at it. The Traxxas system works by hitting the gas and brake which is incredibly tough on the truck, but if it actually works without shredding things to bits, it will be a HUGE hit, one that the rest of the manufacturers in the industry will have to try and emulate.

So… will it be a hit? And a hit by Traxxas standards means T-Maxx/Slash type of sales? Hey, I don’t own a crystal ball, but I’m gonna say yes, it will crush it. Ya, the price point is high, but the market has been moving towards larger sized vehicles for a long time, so I think the mainstream basher market is ready for something the size of the of the X-Maxx. Will the aftermarket latch on? I sure hope so, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t. People spending nearly a grand to get a truck out the door have the funds to buy hop-ups like shock towers, an upgrade chassis, and wheels/tires.

The release date for the X-Maxx is less than optimal as mid-December and January aren’t a time when people have a whole lot of loose cash laying around. But still, if you want to show up with the biggest, baddest truck to your buddies next backyard bash, you are going to have to show up with an X-Maxx. Yup, after all these years of waiting I don’t feel like Traxxas let anyone down, the X-Maxx looks to be the next big thing in rc, everybody hop aboard.

That’s it for this week ya lunatics, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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