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THE Cub Report – Way More Fun Than Covid-19

Holy freak’n smokes, in the last 7 days, it seems like the entire world has changed. We’ve gone from one lifestyle, to another (self distancing/staying at home), and we don’t really know when things will be “back to normal”. Boy, I would guess that we should be seeing better times a month from now, but who even knows at this point? What I do know for sure is, Covid-19 will eventually pass, so we can get back to life in the fast lane...

While we are waiting for Covid-19 to exit stage left, I’ve come up with a list of rc things that are wayyyyy more fun than Covid-19. Shall I dive right in?

* Building a kit! When was the last time you built a kit from scratch? For some people it was yesterday, but for most, its been a while. Whatever your genre might be- drag racing, crawling, racing, vintage, etc, there is a kit sitting at your LHS that can take up at least a couple days of your time.

* Discovering a completely different genre. Whether you are a noobie or old timer, broadening your knowledge of the hobby is always a good thing. One way to learn all sorts of things about the hobby that you would never expect is to try a Completely Different Genre of the hobby. Like what you may ask? Like a tank. Like a boat. Like a hovercraft. Like a motorcycle, etc. Not only are those smaller genres highly scale realistic, but you just might find one that is even more fun that our normal sending-it, crawling, or racing.

* Copious amounts of wrenching. OK, so I reallyyyy hate wrenching now days. I’ve gone from sending it 24/7, to driving just under the edge of when parts start breaking. However, most every hobbyist that I know has about 40 cars in their garage. That in itself, is awesome. However, out of those 40 cars, typically less than 5 actually freak’n run, LOL. So yup, I am using all this extra time inside my house to not only fix-up busted old cars, but to also clean and organize all my rc gear. Btw, I am finding that I need a LOT of stuff. Stuff like a missing (again) MIP 2.0, I am almost out of CA, I need a new soldering iron, etc. After having gone at it so hard for so many years, it is nice to finally catch up on organizing.

* As more events get cancelled, more are getting rescheduled for this fall. If you’ve never hit a big rc event before, wouldn’t it be fun to make a big road-trip after spending so much time indoors for the virus (and heck, winter too)? Text your rc buddies or grab a family member, and plan a trip to a dedicated rc event. The RCX rc show has been rescheduled for the fall, as well as a number of huge crawling events. Why not use some of this downtime to plan for an rc trip of a lifetime?

* The Ultimate. Hey, when else are you going to get 2-? weeks of down time like this? Why not plot your Ultimate, end-all-of-end-all builds? Maybe plot (then build!) the trickest X-Maxx imaginable? Maybe you are into crawlers so you start a list of the sickest upgrades on the planet to go along with your craziest build ever? Maybe you are a drag racer, now is the absolutely perfect time to get a no-prep car built before people start racing again. Whatever your kick is in the hobby, why not take one build all the way to perfection?

That’s just a few things that I can think of that are wayyyyy more fun than Covid-19. Oh and, the BigSquidRC Bash Crew mostly cyber-commutes, so we are dialed to keep all the latest news coming your way!

OK, so every single Cub Report ever, I’ve encourage people to get outside to support their hobby shops and bash spots. This week, how about a good old “support your hobby any way you can”?!?!?!? Until next week, have fun and be well…

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