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THE Cub Report – Weed, Toke It Up

Hello one and all, I hope you all had a great weekend out bashing with your friends. Welcome to yet another week in the hobby and to another funtabulous Cub Report.

A few weeks ago I learned than an acquaintance of mine had been banned from his local indoor track. That didn’t surprise me as he has been banned from a number of other tracks, but the reason that he got banned totally stunned me. He got banned because of weed. No, not because he got caught smoking weed at the track, but because he complained about many of the other racers that actually were. Yes indeed, he got banned from his local track for complaining about people smoking weed.

Weed and rc have a long history. Some tracks are known for allowing alcohol, while others are known for the amount of racers that toke it up between rounds. And it isn’t just tracks either, numerous trail/scale/bash type events have the same reputation, as do some parks where bashers have gathered for years.

Personally, I am not anti-weed, nor am I pro-weed. I am pro-American, where personal freedom is extremely important. A person should have the right to do reasonable things on their private property. However, when it comes to tracks/parks/etc that are open to the public, and where there might very well be kids running around, some of you guys need to knock it off. It isn’t cool to be flame’n up in front of kids, or soccer moms, or in front of potential sponsors.

I am quite adamant about the subject, I have mentioned it before, and I’m sure I’ll have to bring it up again. Kids simply should not be exposed to weed at an rc track or event. If you gotta have weed while you rc, then it is time to cut the big checks. Go out and buy your own property, put in your own track/trails/whatever, and spark one up with your invited guests. No, it isn’t your “right” to smoke weed at a public track on public property. No, it isn’t right to toke it up at a track where most of the other racers and the owner “don’t mind”. Think about the sport. We want it to grow, not continue to get smaller, and every time a soccer mom walks into an indoor track to drop off their 14 yr old to race and it smells like weed, well, you just lost another racer. We’ve lost too many rc’ers already, we don’t need to lose more just because some selfish a-holes think they gotta be stoned to drive their best.

Seriously guys, there is a time and place for weed, a public rc track/trail/park is NOT it. Geez, I hate to sound like some crotchety old fart here, but stop thinking about yourself, start thinking about things bigger than yourself, like helping to grow to the hobby. As many of you know I have a young son, and I have NO TRACKS around me that I will allow him to race at because of weed. Who would want their son racing at a track where half the guys are stoned and the other half are screaming a-holes? Come on guys, really…

There ya have it ya bunch of goons. Thanks for reading and until next week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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Posted by in cubby, The Cub Report on Monday, February 13th, 2017 at 5:59 pm