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THE Cub Report – Who’s Had Whom?

Hello fellow remote control hobbyist, thanks for visiting BigSquidRC, the little website that could. As always, the rc industry keeps on rolling, and with many cities starting to “open up” again, life might be going back to “normal” sooner, rather than later.

I can only imagine how Covid-19 will go down in the history of our hobby once it is all said and done. Every single race was cancelled, as was every single trade show, heck, every single local park was closed, thus stopping any rc activity dead in its tracks. In other areas, people weren’t even allowed to leave their houses except for food or medicine. The history books will reflect record sales for some, with absolutely zero sales for others. Covid-19 crushed certain people, as well as industries, only time will tell how this all works out for rc.

Speaking of history, the folks over at Losi have created some very cool “history of” videos. These were created to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Losi brand and are available for your viewing pleasure over on Amazon Prime. There are two episodes up right now, check them out to learn all sorts of inside info from back in the day. Pops and Gil Jr. are true rc legends, as are so many of the trucks and buggies that they designed at Team Losi over the years.

On the new gear scene, I think Horizon Hobby won last week with the announcement of their updated Spektrum DX5 Rugged (when is the “Rugged” charger coming out?). The latest version of the DX5 Rugged comes in a woodsy “green” livery, but more importantly, it comes with an updated control panel. The panel on the old version worked “OK”, but was far from being the easier to use that we’ve tested. The updated unit should make programming changes much faster while out on the trail. Our staffers have been grabbing the DX5 Rugged more than anything else laying around here lately, and I hear even more updates/upgrades are in the works. Stay tuned…

Ya know, Jason and the crew over at JConcepts have been doing some really cool products for the love of the hobby. For example, last week JConcepts announced a new gas truck body for the RC10GT. I can assure you that 1/10 nitro gas truck bodies aren’t the hottest sellers on the market right now, but for the love of the hobby, Jason got with the AE crew and acquired the original mold for the 1996 version. It is cool to see a bunch of bodies becoming available for all those longtime 1/10th gas truck drivers out there and the collector crowd should be pretty stoked too. JConcepts has done several projects just for the love of the hobby and should receive more love for all they do for the hobby.

From the looks of, there was some rc racing over the weekend! Some people will be stoked to hear about that, others will probably gasp, but either way, life goes on, it simply has to. Until next week, be kind out there, and of course, support your hobby any way that ya can.

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