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THE Cub Report- Winter Is Coming

Just like in “A Game Of Thrones”, Winter Is Coming, it is inevitable. The question is, what are you going to do?

For the racing crowd, winter is easy. It means you put away your 8th scale nitro burner and head to the nearest indoor track to race 1/10th scale buggy. For bashers, things aren’t so cut and dried. Bashers won’t step foot inside a track and the weather outside can be absolutely untolerable, thus leaving very bashers few options. This week’s Cub Report is dedicated to a few ideas on how to get your hobby fix over the next few months…

1. Build a new truck. Think about it, how cool would it be to pick out a kit you’ve always wanted (new or vintage), track down all the trickest parts, then take your sweet time assembling it to make sure everything is PERFECT. Doing a dream build could easily take all winter, why not make it come true?

2. Ok, so I know a lot of you hardcore bashers have dozens of cars in your garage, heck, maybe even dozens of dream builds. However, how many of those cars are in actual running condition? Another great project would to be to get ALL your cars up and going. Maybe one car just needs an a-arm, maybe another just needs a new servo, while others might very well need dozens of parts. Any which way, fixing up all your old cars can leave you with plenty of cars to drive in the spring, or simply make them easier to sell on Craigslist.

3. Pick up a small scale car/truck/buggy. Nope, wrenching isn’t going to satisfy your need for speed, so picking up a new small scaler just makes sense. Small scale crawlers are super hot right now (like the Pro-Line Ambush, the RC4WD 1/18 Gelande II, etc), and with their low speeds, they make it easy to set up a crawling course in the smallest of rooms. Another small scaler to consider is a Kyosho Mini-Z. Kyosho has a huge line-up of different Mini-Zs, all of which are super small with fantastic looking bodies. Then of course there are somewhat larger vehicles like those from Dromida, Losi, etc, which can also be driven inside your house. There is no shortage of small scale vechiles to pick from, all of them are affordable and can do a great job of making your winter go by in a hurry.

4. Remember all those hours of video that you shot over the summer? It seems like you just don’t have enough time to actually edit it, then put it on YouTube. Well helloooo winter! Why not take the time to get some of your best footage uploaded so the world can see just how crazy you get while bashing?

5. Design. Design what? Design a new track. Design an incredible bash park. Grab two different rc cars and design them into one crazy beast. Let your imagination by your guide…

6. Because it is always better to bash with friends, get on social media and create a local bashing group. While there are rc drivers everywhere, finding them in rural or smaller areas can be nearly impossible. As much as I hate Facebook, it can be a great resource for finding other bashers in your area, and there is nothing better to look forward to in the spring than meeting up with new buddies to get your bash on.

So there it is, the latest Cub Report is a wrap. Get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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