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The Cub Report- Wipeout 2097 Edition

Hello there fellow rc fans, it is Monday and welcome to this week’s Cub Report.

Up first… hummmm…. how about that new Drone Racer from Kyosho? Ok, so you are a “surface guy” and just skipped that post on our front page, so Here Is The Link to help bring you up to speed.

You know, I hate quads/drones/multi-rotors, but even I had to take note of the Drone Racer. The Drone Racer is not like any other racing drone on the planet. Kyosho refused to look at the mold that others have laid out in the industry and went with something completely outside the box. Ya, I know it has four rotors just like every other racing drone on the planet has, but it has a couple very noticeable differences. First off, it was not designed to be flown FPV, in fact it comes with a pistol style radio. Secondly, it was not designed to be flown at different heights, it flies at one set height off the ground. It was designed to float along the surface (dirt, water, whatever) kinda like the space age vehicles used in one of my favorite old video games, Wipeout.

The Kyosho Drone Racer is truly the kind of quad that I can imagine Tebo racing. Us surface guys are used to pistol styles radios, so any of us should be able to pick one up and do fairly well with it. It is obvious that Kyosho has made a quad that all us surface guys can actually enjoy. It even comes with built in infrared LEDs to be used with a lap counter, it just begs to be raced.

Will the Drone Racer really take off? Can its type of low altitude, fly be your own eyes style become the predominant way of racing drones? Only time will tell on that one, but even I want one, and we have to applaud Kyosho for really thinking outside the box on that one.

Next up…

How about that Traxxas Bigfoot? Yes, it comes on a 2wd Stampede platform, but you just gotta love that body. Traxxas got the body right, really right, it is a great re-creation of what the full scale Bigfoot looks like today. Heck, I spent 15 minutes just staring at it, thinking about how far bodies in our industry have come in the last 5 years. Which made me think, what if Traxxas decided to make a big push on the scale market? Only time will tell on that one too, until then don’t miss our review of the Traxxas Bigfoot which goes live tomorrow.

And one last thing…

So… do you like to go huge? Ever look at one of our jump contest posts and think “I can go WAYYY bigger than that!!!”? So here’s the scoop. We will be posting an event flying for our next jump contest later this week. The BigSquidRC Dirt Jumping Championships Presented By The St Louis RC Freaks are set to go off on Sunday October 16th in Fenton Missouri. We will be putting on 2 different classes, 8th scale and larger, 10th scale and smaller, and we will be awarding plaques to the top 3 in each class. This jump contest takes place 100% on dirt, so we are looking to put up a big number so others around the globe can see where they stack up. We are looking for a primary sponsor for the event, as well as smaller sponsors so we can give out swag to the competitors, shoot me (thecubreportrc at gmail dot com) or Brian (brian at bigsquidrc dot com) an email if you are interested. Oh ya, the current world record holder Paul Bludgen is going to be there so that you can say hello and even compete against him. And ya, me, Brian, Tim, Chris, and even more of our Bash Crew will also be in attendance. Anywhos, we’ll be posting full details later this week.

So there ya have it, another Cub Report is now complete. Like I always say, get out and support your local hobby shops, bash spots, and jump contests when ya can.

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