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Hello there friends and fellow hobbyists, welcome to THE Cub Report. Now that you’ve found us, thanks for the click, here is some news and happens from the world of rc...

Can you believe it, we are already up to podcast #7! My how time flies! Tim Gluth from RCNewb has been doing a great job, but I think his best is upcoming podcast with Carisma’s Peter Gray. Peter is very open and honest on a number of subjects ranging from Carisma’s scale adventure line-up, to what he thinks about various parts of our industry. Most of our podcasts have been under an hour, this one comes in at almost an hour and a half, perfect for your daily commute. Look for us to post a link to the new podcast later this week.

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew gets around, proof of this can be seen on a new Behind The Scenes Losi SBR Video. If you hit the link, you can see exactly what it looked like during our video/still shoot of the SBR. The video is really neat to watch, but still doesn’t show how steep the hills were, or how big some of the crashes were, etc. We test at the gnarliest of venues (so you don’t have to).

Not to be outdone, BigSquidRC’s Doug Welker was featured on the Radio Impound Podcast. The Radio Impound Podcast is one of the most popular out there and features hosts Jason Ruona and Gotti Jr.! Use the link to give it a listen, there is over 2 hours of rc conversation, how awesome is that?

Finally, I am done tooting our own horn (I only do it because nobody else is going to). So, what was the biggest news from last week? In my opinion that award goes to Carisma announcing the kit version of their SCA-1E Coyote. Last week was slow in the USA thanks to our independence day celebration, but still, that is big news for two reasons. 1. It’s another scale offering, and 2. Holy Cow yet another kit! July is prime-time for people taking vacation and time off, so news (and sales) will be somewhat slow for a few more weeks, but I think our holiday season 2018 is gonna be epic! Some Great rumors on new stuff for fall, stay tuned…

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading and please support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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