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The Kyosho Optima cometh

So Kyosho basically confirmed on their FaceBook page that the next re-issue car is the Optima. The picture above is clearly a teaser but they then commented on the photo saying “you already know what it is don’t you?” I’m paraphrasing because “facebooktranslater”.

So i’m completely geekng out here. The Optima was my holy grail at the local track when I was a kid. The 4WD racer crowd were the elite. Us lowly kids could not afford such an expensive and complicated machine. I wasn’t exactly suffering with my gold pan RC10 thoough. In years past I’ve tried to acquire this elusive beast on Ebay and been outbid several times, several failed craigslist deals, always I have been foiled when trying to get my hands on one. I managed to score a vintage Javelin which is probably the more rare of the 2 cars but still, I had to have an Optima. Two years ago at RCX when Kyosho re-released the Scorpion I bantered with their reps trying to get them to at least give me an inkling if the Optima was in the cards or not. I walked away from that encounter with a pretty good notion that it would be coming. Low and behold two years later we get this. I had almost given up!

No release date obviously (we don’t even have a name) but I’ll be clamoring to get my mits on one of these (FINALLY!) as soon as humanly possible.

I’ll keep you posted.


**UPDATE** The official announcement wasn’t far behind!!

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