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The multi-million dollar drone racing league goes live.

What’s that you say? You STILL don’t believe me, your humble neighborhood drone writer, that FPV racing is taking over in 2016? Well then, I implore you to check out the upcoming DRL or Drone Racing League. While organizations like Multi GP have been taking a community-driven, “grass roots” approach to FPV racing (which is AWESOME, by the way. Multi GP is a fantastic organization and I have them to thank in part for involving me in the sport), the DRL aims to bring drone racing to the masses through bright lights, big names and even bigger events.

Consider the DRL the NFL or the WWE (if thats your thing) of drone racing. The DRL is, simply put, the first professional drone racing league. Top pilots from around the world have been selected to fly “spec class” drones at speeds of up to 120MPH through some very cool and very creative courses. Need further proof of the impact this is having? Do a quick google search for “drone racing league” to find results from The New York Times, Engadget, Gizmodo, ABC, ESPN and more. Mark my words, Squiddies… This is gonna be big.

Check out the promo right now:

Keep an eye on event information, informative videos, pilot profiles and more at the Drone Racing League’s home page. Also, check out DRL’s YouTube channel here.

And finally, don’t be surprised if you see Big Squid RC’s very own RedPandaFPV popping up at a few of these events for some exhibition flying! 😉 

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