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The One, The Only, THE Cub Report Version 09.14.08

Anybody else watch live CORR racing this weekend? I certainly did, and I was personally enthralled the entire time. The people at CORR have gotten their act together, and are making their run at the mainstream. A relatively great tv package, good on track racing, cross motorsports personalities, combine with a large induction of “mainstream” advertising money, has grown the formerly fringe sport to record levels. Hummmmm….. just goes to show what can be done with the right people behind the wheel of a given sport.

It wouldn’t be a week in rc without a new truck release from Horizon/Losi. It seems every week they have a new offering, some ho-hum, some revolutionary (like last week’s Eight-E). This week, they announced their 18th scale CORR type truck, the “Mini-Desert Truck“. Mental note to ANYONE/EVERYONE who wants to release a truck of this type- make sure the body covers the tires! Otherwise, it ends up looking like the Mini-Desert, basically a normal rc type stadium truck. If you widen out the body to where it looks all CORR, it’s actually cool. Leave it narrow, and the manufacture should install dust wipers on the box because it’s going to sit on the shelf till white plastic comes back into style.

One of the big print mags recently announced they are now offering a new “green” on-line subscription. Strangely, this mag’s print edition is constantly being criticized for having 3 times more pages of advertising than actual “content”. Yet, from what I’ve heard, their e-zine has even more advertisements! BigSquidRC is certainly one of the original, and top on-line rc e-zine’s. It has always been green, and doesn’t shove a semi-tractor full of advertising down the readers throats.

The most uber high end of all racing is Formula 1. In the USA, it’s barely followed, but worldwide, it is easily the largest, and most elite form of motorsport racing. This weekend, the underdog Red Bull Scuderia Toro Rosso team won their first race ever- the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Red Bull once gave motocross phenom James Stewart a new Bentley for simply favoring their energy drink. I wonder what Red Bull racing will give German Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel for winning their first ever Grand Prix? Now, to make this all rc related- if Red Bull can afford sinking nearly a half billion dollars a year into their Formula 1 effort, just to typically run mid to rear pack, why can’t they afford to throw a few hundred thousand into the sport of rc racing and rule the entire thing. Red Bull would get great value per advertising dollar, and the sport of rc would take their first small step towards the mainstream. Have they even been approached by ROAR, RC Pro Series, or the JBRL? Just say’n, it’s a win/win for everybody, and it’s amazing it hasn’t been done yet.

That’s it for this week rc fans. Support your sport! Hit your LHS, buy something, or just hang out and check their latest gear. Hit your local track and race, or just show up on a practice day and have a blast putting on some quick laps. Don’t forget to get on the BigSquid forums and talk some serious smack!


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