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The RC4WD BEAST II 6×6….Continued

Wow it seems like it was winter when I started this project and now that it has some finality to it (I stress the word some), I almost feel like a huge burden has lifted.  These words I clack away at my keyboard are bitter sweet, truth be told I am gonna miss this huge PIMA and am definitely a little sad to know she won’t be waiting for me taking up the majority of my workspace here in the office.
There have been countless hours spent on this build too many to count… honestly over a hundred hours on the cab alone. Is this normal you ask? Did my fingers start regurgitating all the work I put into this monster? … For me the answer is it is all TRUE. You see part of me knew that when I was tasked with this colossal build I knew there was no way I was just gonna assemble the stock kit. Just not an option here at Big Squid, and honestly not really an option for any scale builder attempting this Beast (looking back …. Dang that name is fitting). 
What you see here in the completed build is a culmination of everything going overboard. From the Cab mods to amazing Hitech servos and that sweet sweet drive shaft annihilating Castle Power System. Realistically if you followed the slightly flawed Instructions/Panels you could get’er done in a week and be replacing parts in a week and one hour. This write up is very different than the usual as it’s gonna be spilled out on the interweb like a Star Wars legacy. Sneak Peeks, Finished Product, “behind the build” and hopefully an honest review if we can keep this baby running longer than half an hour. So please share this build with the world and know that when it comes to scale appearance RC4WD is the Mosasaurus at the top of the food chain.

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