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THE Retired Report – Passion Projects & FMS Is Smeshing It!

Ya know, I’m not getting paid for this! And, well, to be honest, that’s entirely my fault, as I’m the guy that decided to “retire from rc”, LOL. But see, I have a problem, I’m a loudmouth, and sometimes things just hit me in such a way, that I feel the need to spew them here on BigSquidRC. For free. LOL

Ya know, Covid didn’t hit close to my home until about a month ago. At that point, a close friend of mine, a guy in great shape, who he was in his 50s and didn’t get the shot, got Covid. 4 days later, he was on a vent, and it was a wrap. That’s when I not only woke up to Covid, but woke up to seriously getting my life together.

I’m no spring chicken now days, and I’ve got the worst epidemic in written history floating all around me. If I’m really gonna be honest to myself, at best, I may have 30 years left. At worst, I could catch Covid and vapor trail this planet later this week. If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t have as much time left here, as I wish I had.

That brings me to passion projects. After my buddy died of Covid, I actually called BigSquidRC’s editor in chief Brian Smolik (also head of the surface side of the HMA??) and said, “Yo bro, there is no better time than right now to do a passion project. We need to really send it somehow, to really push it. We need to do a dream project of some sort. Whether that be finally doing another dream shootout, or doing a dream live show on YouTube, whatever we can think up, we need to get to doing it.”

And I would LOVE to extend that offer to everyone else in rc. If you are a consumer, there is no better time than right now to shoot the moon, and do your true dream build. If you are a manufacturer, same thing, come up with one huge, dream, passion project, and work your way towards it. In times like these, money doesn’t matter as much as passion. And better still, I’ve always seen, that when there is true passion behind a project, that’s where the Big Money is actually at.

Speaking of passion projects, FMS is… let me think, this is hard to put into words as they are doing a number of things right now, but I guess overall, I would say they are simply changing the game! And they have barely left the starting gate! Their 1/12 Jimny has been absolutely mind blowing, even its packaging, and today they announced another next level scaler with a 1/6th old school Suzi. From looking over their 1/12th scaler, its easy to see that was somebody’s passion project, and it is truly mind blowing. I don’t know anybody at all at FMS, but props to whoever worked on the 1/12th Jimny project. In the past, I’ve been around the FMS guys at numerous trade shows, but they were pretty much all air at that time, so I didn’t spend much time in their booths. Air has been ridiculously slow the last 5 years, so perhaps the FMS guys have decided to diversify a bit, and man, they aren’t messing around!

That’s it for this bit of un-retirement. Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to drop by your local hobby shop and say hello! Or even buy something. (For your new passion project!)

YOUR Cub Reporter

Ps- Word in the industry is…

Stock levels are probably gonna be at their highest right now (speaking of the X-Mas buying season). Basically, expect hobby shops to get a lot emptier as we get closer to X-Mas. If you need something for yourself, or as a gift, pick it up now, don’t wait. (Shipping issues suck)

Also, expect to see a less RTRs, and a lot more rollers and KITS in 2022. (Chip shortage sucks)

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