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THE Trump Report – Version 10.17.2016

Regardless of what the title to this week’s Cub Report may read, I am not voting for Trump. Yes, the title is simply click bait of the worst kind and I should be ashamed of myself (but of course I am not). So who will I be pulling the trigger for on November 8th? That would be… wait for it… nearly there… Evan McCullin. Ok, so if you don’t live in Utah or Colorado you’ve probably never heard of him, but that is the man’s name that I will be writing in on my ballot.

We should be posting coverage of the BigSquidRC Dirt Jump Championships sometime tomorrow. To boil it down, the event seemed to go off well- it had a decent amount of entries, nobody got hurt, and everyone seemed to have a great time. I was there all day spotting the landings (read- dodging 8th scale buggies like my life depended on it) and I too had a very enjoyable day. This was an event that we held in collaboration with a Facebook based rc group called the STL RC Freaks Club. Working with another group of people can often lead to sour endings, but our two groups got along like we were long lost brothers. It felt as if the RC Freaks would bend over backwards to help with anything we needed and I hope it seemed the same to them as well. And better still, even the regular contestants in the jump contest seemed to be stoked and behaved in a cool, calm manner all day. For me, that is what made the day worthwhile, working with others for the good of something (the jump contest), without having a bunch of guys running around like EVERYTHING was a problem.

I have been to tracks, more so way back in the day, where the same vibe existed. Like in the late 80s when literally everyone at the track was there just to have fun and hang out, instead of trying to beat the track record or to crush everyone on the way to a win. Sadly, I haven’t been to a track like that for probably well over 5 years. While I really don’t want to say it, every track that I’ve been to as of late was filled with vitriolic racer heads who seemingly could care less about fun and everything about one thing- winning.

I guess that is what makes bashing so easy to like. It is exceptionally rare to go to a bash and find someone who isn’t there for a good time. I mean, what is the point of bashing if you only think about winning? Typically there is nothing to win anyways, and if there is, there isn’t some big factory contract waiting for you if you do happen to take first place in rc sumo.

In fact, I am starting to see different factions of rc like different elections. Going to a local hardcore track is sort of like the current Clinton/Trump situation- a race to the bottom in human decency. Going to a bash is more akin to Reagan vs Carter.

So what’s my point here? In the new kinder/gentler Cubby age, it is simply to ask everyone to try to remember you are in this hobby for the fun of it, not to get your rocks off by trying to ruin someone else’s day.

And there it is, I have successfully submitted yet another Cub Report. Like always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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