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The Way Super-Dope Cub Report (extended cub remix)

Great week to do some more ROAR bashing don’t you agree?

With that in mind, the rocket scientists at our beloved sanctioning body ROAR, have called it quits to nitro 10th scale stadium truck and “production” monster truck. These two classes will no longer be held at the national level.

Well I say why stop there? Geeezus, there are plenty more classes to cut off the nat schedule- two is barely a lame start.

At some point, there will come a time when ROAR either decides to close the doors and go off and rot somewhere, or they will see “the light” and start making decisions to advance the sport. The path to advancing the sport is quite clear to those that are exposed to more sources of racing than the typical ROAR official.

Each and every ROAR official should be forced to race in an SCCA event, and AMA event, and a WSORR event to help them gain the global view of racing that is needed for them to make worthwhile decisions. Currently, ROAR is only good at making blind rulings and deeply rooting their lips deeply up a few select manufactures rear ends.

I’ve gotten hate mail from ROAR before. The typical letter goes like this-

“Dear Pissant,

How dare you speak the holy ROAR name in vein, and if you don’t like how we are doing things, then you should join up and run the place!

Your Clueless ROAR Official”

It typically takes me roughly 4 seconds to print a copy of the hate mail, and about a day to use it. Anyone else ever notice that printer paper isn’t nearly as soft as an extra-soft premium toilet paper?

To guide the blind mice attempting to run the show. Once again, here is your path to salvation.

1. Get outside sponsorship of the ROAR nationals and/or Mr Eppes RC Pro Series. Monster energy drinks is literally shipping sponsorships dollars in every can they sell right now, and it’s your duty to relieve them of all that precious money. Ever wonder how kick ass of a national you could put on if Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, or DC Shoes cut the venue a check for 20k? I bet all the transponders would register correctly then! The event could be properly run, properly tech’ed, properly advertised, and could even have proper prize money.

2. Outside sponsors are only wanting to cut those big checks if they are supporting the numero uno race in America. They want ONE national rc racing champion. Not 40, not 30, not even a half dozen. They want ONE (as in 1, one, or uno) national championship. Yes, I know the rc racing community seems hell bent on racing 50 different classes every year, but that’s what local racing is for. The nationals are to determine the ONE (as in 1, one, or uno) national champion.

3. It’s up to the leadership (ROAR or RCPS) to come up with a fair SERIES. Ever notice that every big buck racing title from AMA Supercross to NASCAR to Formula 1 does not determine their big title on just one day? Hummm.. makes you think a SERIES might be a good idea doesn’t it? In the ONE national championship series, I want to see the likes of the carpet God’s like Baker, Blackstock, Dumas, and Tosolini go up against the dirt masters like Cavalari, Kortz, Pavadis, and The Drake. So do the big sponsors. The series sanctioning body should probably start with the KISS approach. Run half the races of the series on carpet during the winter months, run the other half on dirt during warmer months. One national championship class on the carpet, one on the dirt. At this time, it would only make sense for foam touring indoors, and 8th scale truggy outdoors. Make the series as long as the teams like Losi, Kyosho, X-Ray and Associated would be willing to fund their drivers to make it.

The big outside sponsors are just begging for an outlet to advertise to young males between the ages of 14 and 35. Hummmm….. anybody look around the pits at a typical rc race lately?? Rc racing is absolutely the perfect place to advertise to large quantities of that genre at a very reasonable price. Rc racing is a bargain for Monster, Red Bull, DC Shoes, Spy Optics, or any mainstream company to reach their target demographic. Where as Monster and Red Bull are at full nuclear war in other racing series, one could come in and mop up the entire sport overnight in rc. Monster could pick up all the top factory shoes, plus the ONE (as in 1, one or uno) national championship title sponsorship for chump change. And, rc racing is probably closest to their absolute target audience! It’s a win-win situation. ROAR and/or RCPS gets the money they need to put on a true national championship series, and
Monster/Red Bull/Rockstar/DC Shoes gets loads of relatively cheap exposure. The only reasons that they probably haven’t jumped in already are- 1. Nobody has asked them to! 2. If they have looked at the sport, they didn’t like what they saw because of how screwed up the classes are!

Any other road than the one I’ve described above heads down one path- the path that rc racing has been on for decades now. More of the same. More poor turnouts and memberships numbers. More “look at those pathetic dorks racing their Wally World cars!” instead of looking professional with a truly worthy national championship.

Cub Reporter

ps- Send all hate mail to my boss at brian at, I actually get paid on
“hate mail commission” now. Thanks and the more the better!

pss- Support your local hobby shops, and get out and race, just for the fun of it!

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