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TheToyz Losi Micro Storage Bag

TheToyz 1/24th Losi Micro Storage Bag Review

Some people use bags to simply get their gear from the house to the park, while others use them to keep more organized. Any which way, a good storage bag can make your life easier. We recently received a storage bag from TheToyz that is made just for 24th scale Losi Micro vehicles. We’ve been putting it through the ringer and here is what we found out-

Direct Link- TheToyz Losi Micro Bag

* Comes with adjustable padding
* Comes with shoulder strap
* Fits Losi Micro Rally, SCT, or Truggy
* Size- 14.5 x 11.5 x 4″
* Price- $32

We ran our “normal” set of tests on the bag, meaning we threw it into the back of a pick-up truck, threw it around the inside of a car, and we threw it at Iron Mike a few times (which of course he threw it right back at us). The bag held up without issue, and more importantly, none of the gear we were storing inside was damaged. The bag also had a trick look like it was made for rc, not like something picked up on the cheap at a flea market. The most important thing we found out about the bag was that it made it super easy for us to just grab it and know that all our micro gear was inside. When we went out testing other vehicles, it was nice to be able to grab just one bag and know we had our micro truck, its transmitter, and its charger, to play with while waiting for other vehicles to charge.

All in the all the TheToyz Micro Storage bag was perfect for what it was designed to do and we can highly recommend it to you. Give one a shot if you are looking for a great way to keep your micro gear organized.

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