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Thunder Power 300 x 2 or 500 x 1 Power Supply

Thunder Power 15v 300w x 2 or 27v 550w Mono Power Supply

Thunder Power 300 x 2 or 500 x 1 Power Supply
Maybe you’ve got a pair of DC only battery chargers and are looking for a new power supply. Thunder Power RC has just announced something you might be interested in, their new TP1527PS Switching Power Supply. The TP1527PS can be used with dual 15 volt 300 watt outputs, or you can mono-block it for 27 volts with 550 available watts. Some of the other features are-

* Powerful, dual output switching power supply
* Ideal for high-capacity chargers up to 550W
* Wide operating temperature of 0 – 65 degrees C (32-150 F)
* Features USB, Banana Plug and Bind post outputs for maximum versatility
* Dual cooling fans with auto speed control
* Built-in power protection circuitry
* AC Power Switch
* Removable 110V Power Cord included
* 20 amps max continuous current
* 5 volt 1 amp dual USB outputs

Look for MAP (minimum advertised price) pricing of $170 and they should be hitting hobby shop shelves sometime in December. Hit up the official Thunder Power Website for more information.

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