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Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Unboxing

Since we first heard about it’s upcoming release, we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Thunder Tiger Kaiser Monster Truck. When we got the call asking if we’d like the FIRST ONE before anyone else, I could only hope they didn’t hear the extra excitement in my voice.

This truck is truly a beast. We like the body style, LOVE the body clip holders, and can’t wait to test out the locations they have built in for the action cameras! How cool is that!? They actually have two positions they suggest for placement of a GoPro style camera, and they show it on the box. That tells us they are really thinking about their audience, and the current trends. Enough gushing, I’ll leave the rest for the full review coming soon. For now, enjoy a ton of pictures!

The Thunder Tiger Kaiser will be available very soon over at the new Hobby Recreation Products Webpage as HRP is the official distributor.

Need more Thunder Tiger news? Get it Right Here on BigSquidRC.


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