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Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 Unboxing Photos

Thunder Tiger MT4-G3

Earlier today we saw the announcement of the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3. It’s cool to see people starting to do monster trucks again. (tired of all the SC news lately). So what better way to celebrate the announcement then with the worlds first unboxing photo’s of the truck!

At first glance, it’s big, the metal chassis with the encased top is kinda slick. It comes with a 2.4GHz radio and a wheelie bar! I didn’t install it yet, but you can bet that’s the next thing on the truck! I like the fact that the instructions show how to wire two lipo’s for maximum power, and they even include the wires needed to do so!

Something I noticed, the box/presentation could use a little work. I think the last 5 RC vehicles to come into our office have all had full art all the way around, where this one does not. I also have to say the ‘window’ shot could use a little help. Out of the box, the truck screams basher! And we are looking forward to the beating!

Enjoy the pics!

Make sure you check out Thunder Tiger for all the specifications and details!

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