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TLR 22-4 2.0 4WD Buggy Kit

TLR 22-4 2.0 4WD Buggy Kit

New for the 1/10th scale 4wd buggy wars is the TLR 22-4 2.0 Buggy Kit. While not an entirely new design, TLR made smart changes in multiple areas to improve the handling and durability of the 22-4. Some of the updates on the 22-4 2.0 include-

* All new gear diffs with aluminum diff cases
* Improved suspension geometry via 22 rear hubs for more width
* Changes to allow for multiple battery configurations to suit different track conditions
* Split belt covers for easier maintenance
* Upgraded CVA driveshafts
* Centralized front motor placement
* Comes with popular tuning parts

The new 22-4 2.0 will be street priced at $399, it has a part number of #TLR03007, they are expected to start shipping in June, and Right Here is the link you want for more details on TLR’s website.

Hit This Link for more TLR news on BigSquidRC.


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