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TLR Eight-XE Buggy

TLR 8IGHT-XE Buggy Kit

1/8th scale brushless buggies are not only one of the fastest off-road race machines that you can buy, but they are also great bash machines. Guys like Paul Bludgen use TLR 1/8 buggies to set world long jump records, while others like Dakota Phend use TLR 1/8 buggies to win championships on the track.

The latest electric 1/8 buggy kit from TLR is the EIGHT-XE. The EIGHT-XE comes hot on the heals of its nitro “X” series brother, sporting a host of improvements for increased handling, as well as improved durability. Here are the highlights-

* New suspension geometry with tunable a-arms
* Larger pinion bearings
* Wide style chassis
* Cab Forward body
* New aluminum motor mount
* Bleeder shock caps
* 17.5 degree caster blocks
* Machined aluminum shock towers
* More adjustable steering rack
* Improved diff access
* Lightweight battery mounting system
* Equalized driveline for reduced wear

The TLR 8IGHT-XE is street priced at $649 and has a part number of #TLR04008. Read more of the lastest TLR News on Big Squid.


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