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TLR Electric Clutch System

TLR Electric Clutch System

Why would you want a nitro style clutch on your electric buggy or truggy? Well, a nitro style clutch set-up smooths out power delivery on bumpy tracks, making your vehicle easier to drive. Also, for hardcore nitro drivers it feels a bit more like what they are used to driving . With that said, TLR has just announced a new Electric Clutch System that was made to fit their 8IGHT-E 2.0, 8IGHT-E 3.0 and the 8IGHT-E T 3.0. The system comes with everything you need except for a clutchbell. Street pricing is $41 and it has a part number of #TLR342003. To get more details hit up This Link over on the official TLR website.

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Posted by in New Products on Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 at 1:27 pm