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Toyan RS-S100 Rotary Engine

Toyan RS-S100 Single Rotary Engine

Are you bored of “normal” style builds? Looking to make your next build the craziest yet? The crew at Toyan Engines will soon be shipping the RS-S100 Single Rotary Engine. This crazy Wankel style engine uses a single rotor for power and has an exhaust note like you’ve never heard before from an rc engine. Check out these highlights-

* Smooth operation, almost no vibration
* Steel flywheel
* Reinforced crankshaft
* Triangular rotor is made from a high-precision alloy material
* Single easy to adjust carburetor
* Removable straight exhaust pipe
* Comes fully pre-assembled
* Displacement – 2.46cc
* Compression Ratio – 8.2/1
* RPM Range – 2,200-18,500
* Power – 1.46ps@18000rpm
* Weight – 415 grams
* Lubrication – Premixed oil
* Water cooled
* Fuel – 20-25% nitro

The Toyan RS-S100 Rotary Engine is street priced right around $499 and you can Click This Link to read more Toyan news on BigSquidRC.


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