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TQ Racing SX10SC

TQ Racing Products has thrown their hat in the short course ring.  The SX10SC is a purpose built factory racer that comes as an almost ready-to-run race roller.  The truck comes loaded with all kinds of pieces that would be considered aftermarket on most other trucks.  A body is also included, but no clue what it looks like, they didn’t provide a photo of that.  All it’s missing is electronics and tires, get those and you’re good to go.

Normally I’d point you to the TQ Racing Products web site for more info, but it’s horribly out of date and there’s no mention of the SC there anyway.  But if you click through to their shop and go under the Cars/Trucks RTR – Elec section you can see some of their future plans.  Which include a fully RTR version with brushless running gear and a 4wd version dubbed the SX10SC-4.  Check out some of the pics below.

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