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Traxxas 4-Tec 3.0 Chassis Corvette Stingray Body

Traxxas 4-Tec 3.0 Chassis with Corvette Stingray Body

New from Traxxas is the 4-Tec 3.0 Chassis with Corvette Stingray Body. That’s right folks, the new 4-Tec 3.0 is larger than the 2.0, and comes with a fully licensed Corvette body. Lets dive right into its specifications and features.

* Fully licensed, faceted, Corvette Stingray body with massive side intakes which have been duplicated to the millimeter
* 4-Tec 3.0 chassis- long-wheelbase, wide-track design
* Simulated LT2 V8 is visible beneath the rear hatch
* Authentic black-chrome wheels fill the fenders
* Beautiful enough to display—with Traxxas performance under the hood
* Clipless body mounting system
* Mid-motor configuration
* Fully adjustable suspension
* Wheelbase- 11.3″
* Width- 8.1″
* 4-Tec 3.0 is 15% larger than previous unit

The Traxxas Corvette Stingray 4-Tec 3.0 is expected to start shipping in May with a street price of $349. Use This Link to read more Traxxas news on BigSquidRC.


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