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Traxxas Reduced Toe Suspension Arms Drag Racing

Traxxas Drag Race Firm Foam Inserts & Reduced-Toe Suspension Arms

New from Traxxas are a line-up of new Firm Foam Tire Inserts as well as Reduced-Toe Suspension Arms for the mighty Drag Slash.

Traxxas Firm Foam Inserts

The new firm molded foam inserts are available in two different hardness ratings and can reduce tire compression under hard acceleration. This makes for quicker launches and more stability during your run.

#9469R – Molded firm insert for #9471R slicks, +1 firmness
#9469X – Molded firm insert for #9471R slicks, +2 firmness

Traxxas Reduced-Toe Suspension Arms

The stock Drag Slash comes set with 3° of rear toe-in. The new reduced-toe arms can be used to reduce tire scrub, for faster speeds.

#9432 – 2° Toe In
#9431 – 1° Toe In
#9430 – Zero Toe In – Peak efficiency

The Firm Foam Inserts are street priced at $14 while the Reduced-Toe Suspension Arms are priced at $10.

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