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Traxxas Drag Race Start Light

Traxxas Drag Race Start Light

Now here is a very cool new item from Traxxas. The Traxxas crew has just announced a new Drag Race Start Light. The start light is used to add realism anytime you are drag racing. You can press the button on top of the unit to start a staging countdown, then when the light goes off the race has started. There is also an optional wireless remote for added convenience. Check out these highlights-

* Easily portable and simple to use
* Helps to ensure that every race start is fair and foolproof
* High-intensity LEDs are easily visible even in bright daylight
* Ten second countdown to “drivers ready”
* Random 2-6 second start delay prevents anticipating the start light
* Rugged, impact-resistant construction
* Compatible with the Traxxas wireless winch remote (optional #8857)

The Traxxas Drag Race Start Light is expected to start hitting hobby shops next week with street pricing of just $34 and a part number of #6595.

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