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Traxxas EZ-Peak Dual Charger

Traxxas EZ-Peak Dual 100 Watt Charger

The latest battery charger from Traxxas, the EZ-Peak Dual, is loaded with features. First off, it is a dual port charger capable of charging two packs at one time. The EZ-Peak Dual also comes with Traxxas iD automatic battery identification, meaning that it can automatically detect the capacity and chemistry of a Traxxas iD pack, making charging easier. A built in fan keeps things cool and one button is all it takes to storage charge your LiPo packs.

* Max cell count- 3S LiPo and 8 cell NiMH
* Max charge rate- 4 amps per channel, or 8 amps to a single pack
* Size- 176 x 138 x 57mm
* Discharge current for balance ports- 500mAh

The EZ-Peak Dual is street priced at $99, it has a part number of #2972, and they are expected to start shipping in May. To get more details check out This Link over on the Traxxas website.

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