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Traxxxas EZ-Peak Live Bluetooth Charger

Traxxas EZ-Peak Live Charger With Bluetooth

Here is some big news from Traxxas, their Bluetooth equipped EZ-Peak Live battery charger. Once you have installed the Traxxas EZ-Peak Live app on your iOS or Android device, you can get detailed information, you can have remote monitoring, and you can use advanced operating functions from your cell phone or tablet. This not only makes charging up a pack easy, but also helps make battery charging safer. That isn’t the only highlight on the EZ-Peak Live- it has a maximum charge rate of 12 amps and can charge up to 4S Lithium packs.

* AC powered
* 2-4 cell LiPo, 5-8 NiMH
* 100 watt max output, 1-12 amps
* Size- 133 x 169 x 55mm
* Recognizes Traxxas iD equipped batteries for optimal charging
* One button storage charge
* High resolution peak detection
* Cooling fan
* Advanced mode allows for full manual control through smart device app

The EZ-Peak Live is affordably priced at just $99, it has a part number of #2971, and full details can be found After The Jump over to the Traxxas Website.

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