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Traxxas How to Pro Build TRX-4 GTS Scale Off-Road Shocks

Traxxas – Pro Build TRX-4 GTS Scale Off-Road Shocks

The crew over at Traxxas have posted a How To Pro Build TRX-4 GTS Scale Off-Road Shocks tutorial. As all TRX-4s come with premium, scale-sized GTS shocks with threaded-aluminum bodies, the tutorial shows you how to make them perform to their very best. Using a Traxxas #8262 shock rebuild kit, the TRX crew shows you all the steps needed to reduce shaft resistance (stiction) to the absolute minimum, without compromising overall damping control. Reduced stiction on scale shocks can go a long ways towards ultra-silky performance while out on the trail.

To take a detailed look at the steps involved in pro building your GTS scale shocks, hit up this link to get whisked away to the official Traxxas Website.

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