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Traxxas Slash On Ice Video

Last weekend, a few of us were out looking for a dry parking lot to bash in when we came across this semi-frozen lake. We knew that someone had to get out there, just most of us were chicken. Luckily Bill (Firesprink281) was brave enough to get out there with his Traxxas Slash. He was running a Novak Brushless that he ‘sort of’ water proffed. We were all glad there was no need to form a rescue crew, though for a few seconds there we thought we might. In classic form, Pro Driver Tim Mohr says ‘If you don’t have any problems, were all gonna be out there’ and pretty much right on cue, Bill gets stuck to the crowds ‘uh-oh!’.. good times.

There is also a YouTube version here: Traxxas Slash On Ice Video

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Posted by in Novak, Traxxas Slash, video on Sunday, February 15th, 2009 at 5:23 pm