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Big Squid RC Futaba iPK

Traxxas TQi – Big Squid RC’s Idea?

Way back in 2009 we posted what we thought was going to be the future for Futaba. You can click that link to see the original post. Yea we were doing it as sort of a gag, but with the way Futaba radios were evolving, it didn’t seem like too far of a stretch. Now, almost 2+ years later, what’s this? Our idea picked up by Traxxas for their new radio? I personally liked our look better.. a bit more polish. Either way, I’m thinking Traxxas needs to cut us one heck of a check… or Futaba should seriously start listening to us a little more! You guys could of had this! Call us, we do contract consulting work! Just Say’n….

We called ours the i-4PK.

Big Squid RC Futaba iPK Traxxas TQi

Any other companies need us to show them the future of RC? Drop Brian a line… 🙂


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Posted by in Futaba, Traxxas on Thursday, December 1st, 2011 at 12:49 am