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Traxxas Telemetry GPS 2.0

Traxxas TQi Telemetry Expander 2.0 and GPS Module 2.0

Coming soon from Traxxas is the TQi Telemetry Expander 2.0 and GPS Module 2.0. The new units allow you to monitor, as well as record, real-time data while driving. The 2.0 version of the telemetry expander and GPS module are waterproof and allow for up to six additional sensors. Here are more highlights-

* Advanced communication bus technology
* Designed for an easy install
* Waterproof case
* Six ports for auto-detectable sensors
* Uses GPS and GLONASS global positioning for accurate speed
* Speed not affected by tire size or gear ratio
* #6553X- TQi telemetry expander module 2.0 with GPS module 2.0
* #6550X- Telemetry expander 2.0
* #6551X- Telemetry GPS module 2.0
* #6526- Temperature sensor, auto-detectable
* #6527- Voltage sensor, auto-detectable

To get full Telemetry Expander 2.0 and GPS Module 2.0 information simply hit up the link, or you can Click On This Link to read more Traxxas news on BigSquidRC.

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