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Traxxas TRX-4 K5 Blazer Official Video and Photos

We got our hands on the official pictures and a video of the Traxxas TRX-4 1979 K5 Chevy Blazer. Uhm, wow! Seriously, there is not much else you can say about the body, but wow. Scale fans are going to be drooling for days with the chromed out bumper, those door handles are awesome, the replica Rally Wheels look incredibly scale, and the K5 is such an iconic vehicle, it’s hard to come up with a reason not to want this truck. I even found myself staring at a picture of the molded inner fenders wondering if there was really much more detail I would want or need under there, and I’m pretty sure that answer is no.

There are a few pictures with some sweet lights installed, but note the truck does NOT come with those. The lights are a upgrade part coming soon.

Get those pre-orders in, because we have a feeling this one is going to be gone quick at the local shops.

Enjoy the video, check out all the pics!

Use this link to hit up the Official Traxxas Chevy Blazer Website, or Right Here for more Traxxas news on BigSquidRC.


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