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Traxxas Video How To Vent RC Tires

Traxxas Video – How To Vent RC Tires For Wet Conditions

Over at Traxxas they have posted a new video showing you how to expertly Vent RC Tires For Wet Conditions. When the going gets wet and soggy, or you are driving in snow or mud, water can accumulate inside your tires. This can make the tires unbalanced, as well as adding a lot of unwanted rotational mass. In the video below, the Traxxas crew shows you just how fast and easy it can be to properly vent your tires, thus making them ready to take on all sorts of different weather conditions.

After the video, hit up this link to get more details on Traxxas Tire Venting, or you can Click Here to read more Traxxas news on BigSquidRC.

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Posted by in video on Friday, November 13th, 2020 at 3:27 pm