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Treal 1.0" Brass Beadlock Wheels

Treal 1.0" Brass Beadlock Wheels for Small-Scale R/C Crawlers

Treal has introduced a new set of 1.0" Brass Beadlock Wheels for 1/24 and 1/18 R/C crawlers. With several new RTR models on the market, these wheels look like an excellent upgrade option for those who want to improve the appearance and performance of their small-scale crawling rigs.

Each wheel weighs 38.7g, allowing plenty of weight to be added to the lower-side of your small crawler’s chassis. The wheels are made from machined brass and feature a matte black finish with exposed brass accents.

Treal 1.0" Brass Beadlock Wheel Specs:
-Outer Diameter: 31mm(1.22")
-Width: 13mm (0.51")
-Weight: Approx 38.7 grams(0.085 lb) per wheel (fully assembled)
-Hex Hub: 7mm(0.275”)
-Axle Through Hole Dia.: 3mm(0.118”)
-Screws: M1.4*4

Priced at $39.98 for a set of four, these 1.0" Brass Beadlock Wheels can be purchased online at

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